Shared Care

All doctors at Corowa and Rutherglen Medical Centre provide ‘shared’ care during Pregnancy.

 ‘Shared Care’ refers to care provided at Corowa and Rutherglen Medical Centre’s combined with selected visits to the hospital clinic, especially early on in pregnancy. Many people find this ‘shared’ care very convenient, as they see their own GP for a large part of their pregnancy.

Dr. Del Popolo and Dr. Love in particular have experience and qualifications in the care of pregnant women.

Ask your doctor for further information.

Antenatal Clinics

Corowa Medical Centre is excited to be able to offer an Antenatal Clinic for care during your pregnancy.

Dr Sally Smith has been working with us at Corowa Medical Centre since 2016. During
2020 and 2021 she will be doing further training with Wodonga Hospital Maternity. She will continue
to work at Corowa Medical Centre on Tuesdays and will run an Antenatal Clinic each Tuesday afternoon. This clinic will be available for those planning to deliver at either Wodonga Hospital or Wangaratta Hospital. Dr Antoinette Del Popolo and Dr Michael Love will provide support for this clinic. We hope to be able to include a Midwife in this clinic as the year progresses.

Appointments will be for 30 minutes and will include lots of opportunities for education about your
pregnancy and preparation for your birth.

Our clinic encourages partners and other family members to participate fully in the pregnancy and birth.
If you need to see a Specialist for your pregnancy care you may be able to have some of your visits at this
clinic as ‘Shared care’. This will save on travel and allow you access to all the education and
preparation for your labour.

We welcome patients from other Medical centres including Corowa Mediclinic to our Antenatal Clinic. We will keep your usual doctor informed of your progress and hand back your care to them once your pregnancy is complete.

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