General Medical Practice

Making an appointment with your Doctor

You can make an appointment by phoning 02 6033 5500.

Standard appointments are 15 minutes. If you feel you need more time with your doctor extended appointments are available. Simply let the reception staff know when you book your appointment.

We understand that you will have a preferred Doctor, and will make every effort to book your appointment with them. However, sometimes this is not possible. In this instance, you will be offered the opportunity to see another Doctor.

If you have routine appointments and in order for you to have the highest chance of booking an appointment with your preferred Doctor, we suggest contacting us well in advance. This will ensure the continuity of care with your preferred Doctor.

You are most welcome to ring us before your appointment to see if there is a waiting time. We try to keep waiting times to a minimum, however, some consultations can take longer than expected. In these circumstances, our reception staff are happy to inform you of any expected waiting time.

Arranging a home visit

While home visits are available, you will have access to better diagnoses and treatment in the surgery. So, we ask you to come to the surgery for your appointments as much as possible.

We do understand that sometimes you may be too sick to attend the medical centre. If this is the case, home visits can be arranged for regular patients of the practice. Simply contact our receptionists on (02) 6033 5500.

After-hours service

You have access to an after-hours service at Corowa Medical Centre and there is always a doctor available for urgent medical problems. You can access after hours care by ringing our usual phone number at all times (02) 6033 5500. Your call will be diverted to an answering machine, which will give you further details for the doctor on call. You can also attend the Corowa Hospital where the duty nurse will assess you and contact the on-call doctor as required.

Phoning your Doctor

If you need to speak to your Doctor during normal opening hours, you are welcome to contact them by phoning (02) 6033 5500. If your Doctor is with a patient our receptionists will take a message and forward it to your Doctor. Your Doctor will then contact you when he/she is available. If your call is urgent you will be put through to the Practice Nurse.

Paying for your visit

Any fees for your consultation are payable at the time of your visit and if you pay in full a discounted rate will apply. Payment can be made by cash, cheque, Eftpos or credit card. If your visit is claimable on Medicare we can submit your claim online, at the time of your visit. If you pay your account in full using our Tyro Terminals we can process the rebate back onto your Debit Card using your EFTPOS card in 11 seconds.

Veteran Affairs Cardholders

If you hold a Veteran Affairs card your consultation will be bulk billed.

Free Services

You may also be eligible for access to free services for the public, such as Diabetes Education, Dietician and Mental Health Clinician. Ask our receptionists when you check in for your appointment.

Getting your results

To treat you correctly, your Doctor will sometimes need to send you to have tests. The delivery of the results of these tests can vary, dependent on what type of test it is.

Your Doctor will advise you when your test or diagnoses results are expected to arrive. You can then call the practice between 1.00pm and 2.00pm, Monday to Friday, on (02) 6033 5500, and press option 3, and leave a message for our nurses to return your call, to find out your results.

Calls received outside of this time may be returned on the following business day.

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Transferring your medical records

There may be occasions where your medical records need to be transferred elsewhere. At Corowa Medical Centre, the transfer of your medical records can occur in the following instances:

  • For medico-legal reasons e.g. record is subpoenaed to court.
  • When you ask for your medical record to be transferred to another Practice, due to moving locations or for other reasons.
  • Where your medical record report is requested from another source.

If you would like further detail about how your medical records will be transferred, our practice team can advise you about the procedures for timely, authorised and secure transfer of patient health information to other providers. In accordance with state and federal privacy regulations, a request to transfer medical records must be signed by you, the patient, giving us the authority to transfer your records.

Arranging vaccinations

Immunisation* is a safe and effective way to protect you and your children from harmful, contagious diseases. It also safeguards the health of other people, now and for future generations.

At Corowa Medical Centre, you have access to a full range of childhood, adult and travel vaccinations. Most vaccinations are kept in stock including all childhood and most travel vaccinations.

Childhood Vaccinations

All childhood vaccinations are bulk billed.

If your child under five, you will need to have your Medicare card with you because vaccinations of children up to school age are required to be added to a national register.

Other Vaccinations

Travel and non-childhood vaccinations are not claimable through Medicare. If you are in a private health fund you may be able to claim depending on the level of your insurance. Please contact the reception staff to find out the costs of your required vaccinations.

To make an appointment for all vaccinations please call 02 6030 5500

*Immunisation is the process becoming immune to the disease following vaccination. Vaccination is the term used for actually getting a vaccine, ie, getting the injection or taking an oral vaccine dose. 

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On-site procedures

Rather than having to visit a Specialist or other medical service, you can have some procedures carried out on-site by our doctors and nurses. These procedures include:

  • ECG
  • Spirometry
  • 24-hour blood pressure monitor
  • Minor Skin Excision
  • Implants
  • Wound Dressings
  • and more…

Discuss your options with your Doctor or book an appointment by phoning 02 6033 5500

Arranging employment-related medical examinations

At Corowa Medical Centre you also have access to employment-related medical examinations.

These include:

  • Pre-Employment
  • RTA
  • Commercial Driving
  • Truck safe.

To book an appointment for your employment-related medical examination, please contact reception on (02) 6033 5500 or click here to book your appointment online.


Book Now with one of our experienced doctors who are highly qualified and committed to excellent patient care.


Book Now with one of our experienced doctors who are highly qualified and committed to excellent patient care.
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